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Cemetery Guidelines
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Guidelines for Beauty and Uniformity

To help maintain the beauty and uniformity of the cemetery we ask that all owners, family members and visitors assist the operations manager by following these simple guidelines.  Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.


  1. Decorations are to be placed on or within 8 inches in front of markers and monuments nothing on the grave itself.  It will be your responsibility to remove decorations and weed around your decorations.


  1.  Edging, retaining walls, glass containers, shepherd hooks or stones and rocks are not permitted. Any other items detrimental to the appearance and operation of the cemetery will be removed without notice at the discretion of management.


  1. Mausoleum decorating is to be in crypt vases only. Do not place decorations on the floor, tape or use hooks to decorate the front of the crypt. Vases can be purchased at the cemetery office. 


  1. Planting trees or shrubs is not permitted without the consent of the cemetery management.


  1. The cemeteries are not responsible for any lost, misplaced or stolen decorations.


  1. If you have a question or a problem concerning the maintenance of the cemeteries you can call the Operations Manager @ 737-1600 or email:


In the spring there is always considerable work involved in keeping the grass cut and trimming around the monuments. Please be patient. We are working hard to keep the grounds maintained.


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St. Mary / St. Stephen Cemeteries
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 Hamilton, Ohio 45011
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